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Country Creations Antiques has been in business since 1976.  We

specialize in antique quilts, quilt tops and vintage fabrics.


We have quilts and quilt tops from the early 1800's.     The fabrics


are all original vintage fabrics starting from 1860. These can be


used to finish an antique top or repair an antique quilt with period


fabrics to preserve its value.  

Since we relocated to Tucson, Arizona and with the current state 

of the economy and the increased cost of our web pages, we will 

not be listing the 400 plus pieces of antique and vintage fabrics on 

our web pages.  If you have a need for vintage fabrics, please email 

us and we can provide you with information of the fabrics we 

currently have on hand. 

If you have a need to contact us, please email us at:


Country Creations Antiques.


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