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Snowball Quilt



A beautiful 1940's quilt done in the Snowball pattern.  It measures 72" x 78" in size.  It is hand pieced and hand quilted with 12 stitches per inch.  Made of 100% cotton fabrics with a cotton batting.  It is in excellent condition and we believe that it has never been used or washed as you can still see some of the pencil lines marking the quilting patterns.


Reference #0803175

Dimensions: 72" x 78"

Condition: Excellent

Material: 100% Cotton Fabrics


Yo-YO Quilt



A marvelous 1930's Yo-Yo quilt.  It measures 69" x 80" in size and is made of 100% cotton fabrics and it also has a light tan fabric backing.  Each yo-yo measures 2" in size and there are over 1600 separate yo-yo's in this quilt.  Each yo-yo is hand pieced and joined by hand.  This is a very unusual Yo-Yo quilt as it has a tan fabric backing which you usually never see on a quilt like this.  You will also note that the 4 yo-yo's that form a square are planned and repeated on each of the 4 sections of this quilt.  

Reference #0608157

Dimensions: 69" x 80"

Condition: Excellent

Material:  100% Cotton Fabrics.


Bow Tie Pattern Quilt



A great old Bow Tie pattern quilt from the 1920's done in yellow and white.  It measures 84" x 84" in size.  It is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted with 16 t0 18 stitches per inch.  Exceptional hand quilting.  It is in excellent condition with no wear or tears but it does have a 3 small stains on the front as shown in pictures #4, 5 & 6.  A great very large quilt for its time.  You will note that one bow tie is set in the opposite direction on the bottom left hand corner.  This was done deliberately by the maker as in those days people believed that only God could make something perfect so all quilts made had a deliberate mistake in them.

Reference #1006173

Dimensions: 84" x 84"

Condition: Excellent with 3 small stains

Materials: 100% Cotton Fabric & Cotton Batting.


Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt



An exceptional well made 1930's Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt made from 100% cotton fabrics and it has a cotton batting.  It measures 80" x 86" in size.  Each hexagon is 2.75" in size.  It was designed to have straight sides and top so there are partial flowers on each of these edges with the bottom being scalloped from full flowers.

Reference #1312111

Dimensions: 80" x 86"

Condition: Excellent

Materials:  100% Cotton Fabrics.


Vintage Crazy Quilt Top


This is a great early 1900's crazy quilt top. The crazy quilt area measures 62 x 86" and it is sewn and tied to burgundy fabric that measures 90 x 104".  It is made of satin and taffeta fabrics that mainly came from men's ties and it has a lace edging.  It is in new never used condition, ready for a batting and backing fabric.  

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